About Us

We’re The RVMES! (pronounced ‘The Rooms’ for the confused) We are an Auckland band known for our enthusiastic lean into some interesting blending and weaving of genres. Led mainly by indie alternative rock, we take influence from The Doors, Khruangbin, Latin grooves, classic roots reggae – you name it and we’ll give it a spin.

On our first year together, we released a garage recorded self-titled EP, oozing with organic feel, it’s such a great snapshot of where the band was at that moment in time. Mixed & Mastered by our own guitarist Miro Gibson, you can basically sit on the garage couch watching us and feel the fresh excitement of us forming such a good line-up.

If you already know us, then you know that we work like absolute madmen. Since our EP, we’ve released a total of 6 singles, organised three successful tours around New Zealand, filmed a documentary for our latest album and tour ‘Lifetime’ and even had the title track chosen for the KFC’s 50th anniversary campaign – finger lickin’ good!