Hey, come here often?

We’re The RVMES! (pronounced ‘The Rooms’ for the confused). Based in Auckland and known for our hard lean into blending and weaving genres. 
Led mainly by indie alternative rock, we take influence from The Doors, Dean Martin, sexy Latin grooves, early roots reggae - you name it and we'll give it a spin.

If you are familiar with us, then you know that we pack a punch on and off stage. 
Under our worn leather belts we've released 6 singles, self organised three tours, released an album, filmed a documentary and even had our tune 'Lifetime' chosen for KFC's 50th anniversary campaign - finger lickin' good baby!

Can't wait to see you at the next show x

Upcoming Shows

The Patriot, Devonport – 9pm – 8th October – Free Entry

Okura Fundraiser, Dairy Flat – 7pm – 16th October – Tickets Here

Revelry, Ponsonby – 6pm – 17th October – Free Entry

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